Dating on the Internet.

Spoiler alert- I don't know how to. It's difficult to talk about dating to your parents or people your parents age, because for them, they would just walk down the street and get a date. Friends in long-term relationships don't get it either. It's a whole process, you only go on dates when the person … Continue reading Dating on the Internet.


Goodbye Dissertation!

The pain is over. I am no longer a student, i'm just unemployed. The last few months of writing my dissertation genuinely took everything I had. Every night i'd go to sleep and wake up constantly through out the night and by morning i'd be so exhausted. So now, finally, I can sleep without a … Continue reading Goodbye Dissertation!


I will be 23 in less than 2 months and I have been in education my whole life. After finishing sixth form I went to university for 3 years then added a Masters for another year, and low and behold another Masters for another year, just for the giggles. And here I am with my … Continue reading Adulting.