The YouTuber

So here I am once again, I’ve uploaded a Vlog to YouTube.
I’ve done this before, when I was 16 and deleted all of them. Again when I was 21, yup I deleted all of them too. Here I am, 23 next month and I’ve done it again. Watch out, world!

The difference is that the Vlogs I uploaded before were all personal ones. Where as this one focuses on movies. I will discuss TV and music too, but mainly movies as I love them and like to rant and discuss what on earth I just watched.

So i’m hoping this sticks. It’s just the embarrassment you know? Like first of all talking to yourself but it’s actually the camera, your audience. I had to do it on my phone to act like it’s Snapchat, which resulted in a poor video quality. I also am learning how to edit, which is a whole other dilemma too.

The joys of being a YouTube beginner are that you can’t create your own thumbnail so you’re just stuck with a choice of three hideous snippets of you during the video. Believe it or not, I chose the best one!

The struggle is uploading the first one, then sharing it around your friends and social media. I sent this one to my friends first in hope that if it was so awful they would tell me to delete all evidence and pretend it never happened. However, the reaction was positive and now it’s on the internet for everyone to see.

So here, please give it a watch, maybe a cheeky like and subscribe.

Let me know if you have a YouTube account and please share your tips and advice- Comment below!!




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