Thoughts on :Wonder Woman

I loved it. I left the cinema with a feeling of adrenaline, like I could take on the world. Which I think is new for me, I’m a huge DC and Marvel fan but those movies usually consist of a male lead taking on the world, sure there’s Black Widow but she’s not a lead. Don’t get me wrong she is kicks-ass, but kicks-ass in the background.

Where as Wonder Woman is in your face taking on the battle. Sure she has male side-kicks such as Chris Pine who do their part in ass-kickery. But it’s all about Wonder Woman…hence the title. Even Chris Pine was there to divert your attention yet failed because all you wanted was to see Gal Gadot’s action sequences.

Gadot is perfect for the character, as after high school for two years she was an enlisted soldier, a combat trainer for Israel Defence Forces. So not only is she a total bad-ass on-screen but she is off-screen too.

I felt that superhero movies are now diverting for the seriousness and going for the comedy element. Of course not all are doing this, but it is now becoming more common. Wonder Woman for me was serious, it had light hearted moments, however, it wasn’t overly funny and cracking a joke to break any tension or pull away from a serious moment. It was the right level, you didn’t want a joke, you wanted a serious battle.

It’s a step forward in feminism, swapping Girl Power for Woman Power. I personally think this will open a door for heroine movies to become popular.

Even as the movie had ended I was hoping for a little preview of something at the end credits. But alas, the cinema employees had to come up to me and tell me there was nothing. After I waited 10 minutes hoping for something.

I think what was the cutest moment of all was seeing 10 year old girls stand up and applaud at the end. Seeing someone for them to look up to, to grow up knowing that woman and girls are superhero’s too. Even as an almost 23 year old I was inspired.

P.s The Wonder Woman theme music from the trailers is just so bad ass.

I love the song (Below) written by Florence Welch, ‘To Be Human’ performed by Sia and Labrinth.

What did you think?

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