The Drunk Diaries (Part 1)

The title has ‘part 1’ as I believe there will be many more to add.

Let me set the scene, my housemate who is also my landlord had his mother visit us for a week. I didn’t see her much, however the day she decided to have a full on conversation with me I may of had a bottle, or 4, of wine with my friends after finishing our last class at uni.
So I’m holding it together you know, i’m not a lunatic.

After our chat, which I believe I was talking sense and not singing karaoke tunes, It was time to go to sleep as it was around 11:30pm. As I go to my room that’s when I remembered, I had McDonald’s in my bag. HALLELUJAH.

So I put on my slippers- yes it is crucial that you know this, these slippers don’t have a back on them, so zero support, they were more like flip-flop styled. As I go down the stairs to heat up my now cold McDonald’s low and behold my slipper falls off my foot and goes down the stairs. It doesn’t end there, my balance goes with it and i’m on my ass in seconds, holding a damp burger in my hands.

I then hear my landlord’s mother shouting “WHAT WAS THAT?”, then my landlord rushing out to see me on my ass lying on the stairs, he asked if I was ok and I just explained my slipper fell off my foot- not that I was a drunken mess lying on the staircase hungry as heck clutching a damp burger as my life depended on it.

So after the embarrassment and shame I go to bed. – I did re-heat the McD’s and devoured it before sleeping.
The next day I was like oh my god, how will I live this one down. So I speak to my other housemate and told him what happened and he said, “Oh don’t worry about it, one time I was having wine in the kitchen and I spilt it on the floor which caused me to slip. So I was lying on the floor and I was too drunk to get back up so I decided to just sleep there, then he (the landlord) came down and woke me up to go to my room”. 
That happened two weeks before my incident. So I felt a lot better.

Any drunk embarrassing stories you’d like to share?


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