I will be 23 in less than 2 months and I have been in education my whole life.
After finishing sixth form I went to university for 3 years then added a Masters for another year, and low and behold another Masters for another year, just for the giggles. And here I am with my dissertation due in September. All of my assignments handed and no more class, just the odd 15,000 words due in September, no biggie!

But those days are gone… said in a Celine Dion voice. ALL BY MYSELF. Except that’s not what i’m referring to, my student days are gone. Unless I want to put myself and loved ones through agony and do a PHD which quite frankly I cannot do because: 1) hell to the no. 2) I cannot afford doing that especially with how much alcohol i’d have to purchase and  3) I want money and to start my career!

I’ve spent the last two weeks applying for jobs. Look at me learning to adult. Adulting all over the place. Watch out London!

My key points in job hunting are to be organised.
Once your CV and LinkedIn page are all up-to-date and ready to go it’s now time to make a list of the jobs you need to apply for. Various jobs sites such as LinkedIn, Reed and Indeed are all useful websites to search for jobs. Once scanning and searching your relevant jobs save them so you can make your way threw applying to them all.
Once you applied to a job, note down the information, I’ve been taught to keep a book close to you that consists of the company and the role, so that if they call and state the company name you will know exactly what job it is, due to your handy organised list.

I think the most stressful part of job applying is wondering whether you’ve sold yourself enough for the role, or worry that maybe your CV is not exactly quite right. I have sadly made the mistake of re-reading my CV after a few hours of applying and discovered a spelling mistake. The anger, the fury!

I’ve applied to numerous different jobs this week. My CV is on every job site out there, however I keep receiving emails and calls from recruiters for sales assistant jobs as my CV contains past sales work whilst I was studying. So I get excited and then BAM not in PR. I got one call about a PR job but i’m waiting for them to call me back.
I also received an email about an interview for next Saturday, however still awaiting information.
I might walk in with a top on that says ‘Hire Me!” on it. But I don’t want to sound desperate.

An annoying thing about job searching is that those who have a job tend to act like it’s so simple! Like you just apply to one and magically get it.

The best thing I can do is keep on applying. Explain in each job application why they should hire me, why I would be perfect for the role.

Do you guys have any job applying tips or strategies? Please let me know or I will be a student forever.


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