Officially 3 Months


I’ve officially lived at my new place for three months and i’m renewing my house contract until the end of August.

At the start we had the standard awkward moments as we got to know each other etc.
But I’ve settled in and all is good.

I am literally Jess from New Girl. Wearing pyjama suits and singing everything I do whilst wondering aimlessly around holding a cup of tea. They love me.

We’ve drank together, had a fajitas together, it’s been great!

The other day I submitted an assignment which had drained all my energy so I obviously changed into my pyjamas and got into bed at 4pm. Then my landlord/housemate knocked on my door only to find me ready for sleep like it was 10pm.
He placed his clothes on my bed and asked me if his outfit matched as he had a date that evening. How cute. He came to me for fashion advice, bear in my I was wearing a Captain America T-Shirt with Batman trousers, but hey if the shoe fits.

So now my relationship with these guys has expanded enough that I chose their outfits for their date nights.

The other day I may of had 1 or 2 or 4 large glasses of wine which resulted in my slipper falling off whilst going down the stairs and me falling on my ass. My landlord’s mother happened to be staying with us and yelled “What was that?” only to find me sitting on the steps with one slipper on. So I thought, “How will I ever get over this embarrassment?” Only to find out my other housemates got so drunk he fell in the kitchen and then decided to take a nap on the kitchen floor, my landlord had to wake up and take him to his room, this was 2 weeks ago.
So I feel a lot better.


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