Scottish Vogue

I’m not talking about the kilt. But I will get onto that at some point in this post.
I am indeed from Scotland, so I know what I’m talking about.
I honestly do not know much about fashion, I just wear what I genuinely like. Some days I’ve made no effort and just wear jeans and a sweater, some days I’ve put so much effort in I should be on a runway. But I’m size 14 (if I breathe in) and 5.5, so my phone isn’t ringing constantly from Victoria Secret. When I think about working with fashion companies I like the idea, it would give me motivation to actually take time in what I’m wearing and how I style my outfits. But I’m more of Andy from ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, who awkwardly walks in without a clue.

You have probably just read the title and thought what on earth is this going to be about. So let me explain.
Like anywhere, fashion is very different place to place. But in Scotland I feel that fashion is at a stand still, that is for sure in the countryside (where my family are).

I am talking about fleeces.

If you do not know what a fleece is I am honestly shocked. My entire family lives in them and every family picture contains my mum or dad, or both, wearing one.

My family comes from a tiny hamlet in Aberdeen. So it’s basically countryside and lakes etc. A beautiful place to go for walks, see breath-taking views. However, everyone is rocking the same outfit.
Let me paint you a picture. They wear walking boots always. In the house, in the garden, going to the convenience store. You will not see any other type of shoe than walking boots.

A lot of men just wear jeans. Ladies trousers. Skirts are reserved for weddings, men included.

Of course in the Winter season it snows, so walking boots may turn into snow boots or skies, but Louboutton no there aint.

So if Vogue just decided to have a Vogue Scotland and not Uk, the Scottish issue would have tartan everywhere, a Fleece, a kilt and walking boots. This issue would be sold even in the summer periods.

Here’s a photo of me in my fleece-

IMG_4849Yes, I did get this from my parents for Christmas.

What’s fashion like in your town?

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Enjoy the weird things I post- so far no fleece pictures though.


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