My life in a GIF.
It’s also Valentine’s Day, or just a Tuesday.
Don’t get me wrong I love Valentine’s Day and the idea of expressing your feelings to the person you love. I also love the day after when all the chocolate is discounted.  But in all seriousness I think it’s cute.
Truth be told, I spent most of today stalking my celebrity crushes on social media only to discover that some of them have decided to pick this day to go public with their lover, so I feel great. Because clearly I’m suppose to be with them, I feel like I’ve been cheated on. Bastards.

jess-loveI find it funny how people really hate this day, but of course it is a reminder to those who are single that they should invest in a pet or some people just think PDA is gross. Cooties.

My day has been great! I woke up and forgot it was Valentine’s Day.
As you can tell by every post on my entire blog, I am single. I am a gold club card member of the single life. I’m so elite in this club that cats will travel far and wide to be near me, they can sense the loneliness and tragedy. I mean the club isn’t that secretive, we don’t have a secret handshake but a requirement is to know all the words to Celine Dion’s ‘All By Myself’, whilst we light a candle beside our photograph of Bridget Jones.

Anyway…my day has focused on university. I spent most of the day arranging assignments and placements for work experience, then a lecture and now more work for university. I went all out and treated myself to a hot chocolate so that was nice. Very romantic! See lads, look at what you’re missing!

The most tragic thing about today is that nothing has changed since last Valentine’s Day, check last years blog post here.  Except I’ve now extended my contract for another year and I’m now 22 and single, not 21. Unless you count my Pokemon lover mentioned in that blog post. The memories.

In exactly one year, I will be doing another Valentine’s Day post, will I be in a relationship? Will I be dating a stranger from the scary internet? Or will I be 23 and continuing my single streak hoping to become a panelist at the single club, I may have to introduce a handshake.

My friend, Bene, Hi Bene, wants to go speed dating. However, the age brackets are 25+ and she suggested to get a fake ID so that I can come as I’m only 22.
Dear Bene, no I will not get a fake ID just to go dating. I’d rather get a cat and stay single forever. However, if we find a bracket for 21+ and our university deadlines are not every day of forever, then I will be there tequila fuelled and all.


Have any of you been speed dating? Share your tales in the comments!



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